Historic Spaces


Historic Spaces

Immersive Spaces is proud to be part of a global initiative to preserve and grant public access to historic spaces around the world. Using revolutionary 3D technology, Immersive Spaces captures historically and culturally significant spaces at little or no cost to non-profit museums, historical societies, parks, and government organizations. The use of this technology will serve as a powerful medium to showcase historically significant spaces for the entire world and has already proven to be a valuable educational tool.

President John F. Kennedy Atomic Bomb Shelter & Command Post

Our first Historic Spaces capture was the President John F. Kennedy Atomic Bomb Shelter & Command Post Museum which perminently closed it's doors in October of 2017. This virtual tour received national attention and remains one of our most popular scans to date.

Historic Spaces Grant Program

Our Historic Spaces Grant program helps cover the costs associated with the capture and hosting of historic spaces. This program is available to any non-profit museum, historical society, park, or government agency that manages historically significant properties.

To qualify for a free or reduced 3D Virtual Tour, the historic space must meet the following criteria:

1. Have significant historical or cultural value to the public.

2. Be managed by a 501(c)3 museum, historical society, or other managing entity that has tax-exempt status such as a church or park service.

3. Must agree to allow the 3D model to be shared with the public at no cost.

A request for consideration may be submitted by completing the form here or in writing via email to Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis and awards of discounted or free services are up to the discretion of Immersive Spaces.

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